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Champagnat Institute of Pastoral Studies (ICEP)

The ICEP is an institute of Centro Universitario Cardenal Cisneros (affiliated with the University of Alcalá). It was created to support the evangelising work of people and institutions around the world. The ICEP is founded upon the extensive experience of the Marist Brothers Institute in education and pastoral care, and is a response to the Pope Francis’s call for an “outgoing Church”.

How can we help you?

The ICEP provides training and support for all our students from all study programmes (full-time, blended learning, and online courses):

  • Training of pastoral, education and youth workers: theological/pastoral training and pastoral strategies (team building, leadership, etc.)
  • Training and refresher courses for religious education teachers: theology and educational innovation applied to the subject of religious education
  • Institutional support and training in pastoral education and youth programmes
  • Support and training towards a shared mission and the creation of new charismatic references in teaching.

In addition, we are conducting new research on interfaith dialogue, new educational methodologies, and integration projects on inwardness, spirituality, and pastoral care.

Champagnat Studies of Pastoral Care

Tel: 91 889 12 54
Ext: 137, 140 & 150 
Location: Office 6

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