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Teaching approach

Our teaching places you at the centre.

You will study, reflect upon, and put into practice the knowledge acquired in class. Meanwhile, small groups are designed to boost academic performance and student participation.

Mission, vision, values

Our mission is to train future teachers to be agents of social transformation. This comprehensive training involves balancing faith, culture, and life, fostering critical thinking, responsibility, respect, freedom, and participation, and creating a fairer and more united society.

Our vision is to set the benchmark for quality in teacher training, research projects, involvement in social actions, and openness to the community. Also, we aim to construct an enthusiastic and committed educational community.

Regarding our values, we place people at the centre of our activity. We believe in the Gospel as a source of inspiration for our teaching style. Through our commitment to society, we promote solidarity, interculturality, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

Educational Principles

  • Person-centred educational style
  • Quality and rigour in university education
  • Active participation of the entire educational community based on shared responsibility and transparency
  • Development of autonomy, creativity, and responsibility
  • Attention to the spiritual and transcendental side of human beings, based on knowing oneself

Specific Programmes

  • Bilingual Project
  • Academic skills programme
  • ICT Programme
  • Project for the development of communication skills in Spanish
  • Green Campus
  • Quéreb Project
  • Service-Learning Programme
  • Pastoral Service
  • Self-assessment and commitment to improvement (360º feedback)


  • Problem-Based Learning and Challenge-Based Learning (PBL & CBL)
  • Cooperative learning
  • Dialogic talks
  • Project work and interdisciplinary activities

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