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CUCC students and staff can use their ID cards to access the Library and all its services. The Online Catalogue can also be consulted remotely via the CUCC Virtual Community. You can book group study rooms, check the availability of bibliographic resources, and reserve books and computers.


Students can borrow books for use outside the library for a specific period of time. You will need your library card to take out books.

Renewing loans

Loan renewals can be requested in two ways:

  1. Log in to the Online Catalogue with your username and password, and click on “My Library”.
  2. Send an email with your personal information and the details of the book currently on loan. Please note that the loan renewal will take effect on the day the email is received.

Viewing your loans

You can view your loans by following the same steps for renewing a loan.


This service enables users to access books that are currently on loan. You will be able to take out the book when it has been returned. If more than one person requests a book, a priority list will be created according to the date of each request. Books can be reserved by logging in to the online catalogue with your name and password, and clicking on “My Library”.

Laptop loan service

All CUCC students can use the computer loan service for study and research purposes. Computers can be requested via the Library Application on the Virtual Community or at the reception desk on the ground floor of the library.

  • This service is regulated by our Laptop Loan Service Rules.
  • Students can borrow a laptop, laptop case, and charger for a maximum of 4 hours.
  • All borrowed equipment must be returned no later than 15 minutes before the library closing time.
  • You can use the laptop in the library and anywhere else on the CUCC campus.
  • Any users who fail to comply with the return deadlines will incur a penalty:
    • Less than 1-hour delay: 48 hours without computer loans.
    • 1 to 2-hour delay: 72 hours without computer loans.
    • More than 2-hour delay: 7 days without computer loans.
  • If the computer is lost, damaged or broken, the user must replace it with a similar model or repair the damage. The user will be penalised until this has been done.
  • Access to the computer loaning service will be denied to any users that have been penalised by the library.
Internet access

The library has 24 computers with internet access. These computers can be used to browse the library catalogue or for personal study. You will need your CUCC username and login password.

Individual reading and study places

There are 170 individual reading and study places located throughout the library for the consultation of books, magazines, reference books (e.g., dictionaries, encyclopaedias, etc.), videos, sound recordings, slides, IT resources, etc.

Psychological Test Library

The psychological test library contains psycho-technical, psychological evaluation, and educational psychology resources (e.g., tests, scales, inventories, questionnaires on intelligence, personality, difficulties and disorders, etc.). Access to these resources is restricted. 

Download information

Magazine collection

Our magazine collection is located in the Media Library. Here, you will find the most recent issues of magazines with current subscriptions. Feel free to read these magazines without asking a member of library staff. Previous issues of magazines are stored in the library archive and can be requested at the library reception.

Audiovisual resources

Users also have access to a TV, DVD and video player, a radio-cassette and CD player, and headphones, to consult the audiovisual collection.

Group Study Rooms

There are 18 group study rooms with different capacities (from 4 to 40 people). All rooms are independent to facilitate group work and the consultation of library resources. Wi-Fi internet access and power supplies are available in all study rooms.

Group study rooms can be booked at the library reception or via the Library menu in the virtual community.

Bibliographic information

We offer specific guides to help users find information and titles, including:

  • Recommended bibliography for subjects.
  • How to cite references.
  • Requesting bibliographic information.
Requesting book purchases

To request the purchase of a new book, log in to “My Library” via the Online Catalogue with your username and password.

Library user training

Courses: Each academic year, we run a practical workshop for 1st-year students. The purpose is to familiarise students with the library facilities, resources, and online catalogue.

Guides: Informational guides to help users:

  • Online Catalogue.
  • Library Service.
  • Directories of interest.

There are 32 lockers located in the library entrance for daily and individual use. We recommend that you use a padlock and do not leave any valuables inside the lockers.


You can leave suggestions in the “Comments” section of “My Library” via the Online Catalogue. You will need your username and password to log in.

Alternatively, you can submit suggestions through our quality assurance channels.

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